for Religious Pluralism and Peace





Six years ago, the Foundation has started a program of Lectures offered to the great masters of spiritual life and leaders of a peaceful encounter between diversities as part of the UNESCO Chairs program. We have invited as Lecturers some famous theologians, like fr. Timothy Radcliffe, General Master of the Dominican Order, Professor Ramón Panikkar, leading theologian in the field of inter-religious encounter, Professor Yan Li Ren member of the Academy of Sciences, introduced by key speakers like Hon. Valerio Onida, Past President of the Italian Supreme Constitutional Court, His Em. Cardinal Roger Etchegaray and Hon. Romano Prodi, former President of the EU Commission. The UNESCO Chair for Religious Pluralism and Peace has extended invitations to His Ecc. Li Shan Bishop of Beijing, to Her Excellency Sonia Gandhi President of the Indian National Congress Party, to the Maestro Haim Baharier Founder of the Centre Binah amongst others for holding future Lectio Magistralis about the benefits of cooperative pluralism and the respect for diversity in a perspective of a peaceful society.